EV Charging Connector

  1. EV Charging Station Industry Analysis

    EV Charging Station Industry Analysis

    Overview of the Public Charging Station Industry
    The EV charging station is an important infrastructure in the era of new energy vehicles. New energy vehicle charging stations refer to the equipment devices that provide charging services for new energy electric vehicles. They are installed in public places such as public buildings, parking lots, shopping malls, operating vehicle charging stations, and private places such as residential communities.

    Common classifications of charging stations:

    In accordance with the installation conditions, they are mainly divided into vertical charging stations and wall-mounted charging stations. In accordance with the service targets, they are mainly divided into public charging stations, special charging stations, and private charging stations. Divided by the number of charging interfaces, mainly divided into one station and multiple charging stations. Divided by charging types, mainly divided into AC charging stations and DC charging

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  2. High-voltage Connector and High-voltage Wire for New Energy Vehicles

    High-voltage Connector and High-voltage Wire for New Energy Vehicles

    The leading role in new energy vehicles is played by the high-voltage connector and high-voltage wire. The HV connector for new energy vehicles is a mechatronic product consisting of four parts: contact, insulator, shell and accessories. Among them, the contact is the core part of the connector to complete the optical and electrical signal connection. The vehicle needs to connect the optical and electrical signals through the insertion and closing of the contact to complete the vehicle. Insulators and shells mainly play fixed insulation and mechanical protection.

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  3. 9 FAQs About EV Charging

    9 FAQs About EV Charging

    Global oil prices are soaring due to the impact of war and epidemics. The environmental impact of conventional cars and the soaring gas prices have led to a growing interest in electric vehicles. Compared with classic cars, electric vehicles have many advantages, such as lower cost of use, faster acceleration, and lower maintenance costs.

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