High Voltage Connector

  1. HVIL System in Electric Vehicles

    HVIL System in Electric Vehicles

    In the high-voltage circuit of an electric vehicle, the main electrical component of the hvil system is the high-voltage connector. However, the manual maintenance switch (MSD) is a human-operated element that serves as the electrical interface for circuit turn-on/break-off.

    On the one hand, it initiates the protective measure of safely disconnecting the high-voltage electricity when the circuit of the high-voltage system is disconnected, or its integrity is damaged. On the other hand, it is used to confirm the integrity of the entire high-voltage system.

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  2. How to Choose HV Connectors and Harnesses for Electric Vehicles

    How to Choose HV Connectors and Harnesses for Electric Vehicles

    Automotive high-voltage wiring harness (high-voltage cables and high-voltage interfaces) is a key component of the high-voltage electrical system, providing reliable operation and safety of electric vehicles. The main development and design solutions for the whole vehicle high-voltage harness involve cable layout, cable diameter selection, high-voltage connector selection, charging cable and interface types and applications, cable fixing and protection, etc.

    The Whole Vehicle Layout of High Voltage Harness

    The high voltage connection harnesses between each high voltage component, such as a battery to PDU, motor controller to the motor, AC/DC charging, etc., are reasonably arranged by the layout position of the high voltage components of the electric vehicle.

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  3. Hight Voltage Connector in EV: The Definitive Guide

    high voltage connector

    The development of new energy high-voltage connectors

    1. Electric Vehicle high-voltage connector classification

    With the development of electric vehicles today, more and more electric vehicles into our lives. Whether it's an add-on electric vehicle, hybrid electric vehicle,

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