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Cigarette Lighter Adapter

Cigarette Lighter

Cigarette Lighter

There are 3 common types of power-up for vehicles: the cigarette lighter socket, the power socket, and the car charger.

The voltage of the two sockets are both 12V, they can power the car recorder, car purifier and other devices, can also be connected to the inverter, to use small home appliances, but the difference is that the cigarette lighter socket can heat the electric wire of the cigarette lighter, the power socket can not do.

However, common electronic devices are powered by 5V, such as mobile phones, tablets, and laptops, so when powering them, the charging port needs to be converted to 5V USB, which is the car charger.

In addition, as an aid, a digital voltmeter can help to see if the voltage is in a safe range.

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