1. The Impact of FAKRA Cable Assemblies in Vehicle Signal Transmission

    Fakra cable

    As the demand for intelligent driving systems and in-car entertainment systems in automobiles grows, the in-car signal transmission rate increases, leading to a gradual increase in the transmission frequency of the corresponding connecting cables.

    FAKRA coaxial cable is a high-speed high-frequency cable that transmits RF and HD camera signals. Mainly includes the FAKRA connector, FAKRA Inline connector, coaxial cable, and PCB board end connector.

    FAKRA coaxial cable connection structure diagram
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  2. What is RF Cable: Coaxial Cable Turorial


    What is RF Cable

    RF cable, also called coaxial cable, is a wire and signal transmission line. It consists of a mutually coaxial inner conductor, an outer conductor, and a medium that supports the inner and outer conductors. Coaxial cable is generally composed of four layers of material: the innermost is a conductive copper wire. In contrast, the outside of the wire has a layer of plastic (used as an insulator or medium) around it. Outside the plastic, there is a thin layer of mesh conductor (usually copper or alloy), and then the outermost is a layer of insulating material as the outer skin.

    RF cable is an indispensable component of various radio communication systems

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  3. How to Choosing RF Connectors: 3 Factors You Should Know

    SMA connector

    RF connector is a connection device that can reflect and transmit RF signal with a small loss in the RF transmission system and provide fast and repeated connection. Mainly by the contact parts, insulators, shells, and accessories.

    RF connector selection conditions should be reliable contact, good conductive insulation performance, sufficient mechanical strength, and plugging and unplugging times to meet the relevant international and domestic standards provisions. At the same time, many factors determine the connector series and style, which is connected to the cable, and the use of frequency range is the main factor.

    In engineering practice, make the connector diameter size and cable diameter as similar as possible to minimize reflections. The greater the difference between the cable and connector diameter, the worse the performance. Reflections usually increase as a function of frequency, and generally smaller connectors generally perform well at higher frequency bands.

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  4. Overview of RF SMA Connector

    SMA Connector

    What is the SMA connector?

    The SMA connector is a subminiature coaxial cable connector that derives its name from the Sub-Miniature A connector. It was developed in the 1960s as an ultra-small connector interface for RF cables with a spiral coupling mechanism. Since then, many variants of the SMA series have evolved to meet the changing requirements of the RF and microwave industry.

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  5. M8 M12 Connectors: The Best Choice for Harsh Environments

    M8 M12 Connectors The Perfect Choice for Harsh Industrial Environments

    Modern industry, characterized by outdoor facilities and equipment, relies on resilient and reliable electronic connectors to facilitate good communication between equipment and operators in harsh environments. Industries such as agriculture, food and beverage processing, transportation, and energy have advanced equipment, vehicles, and equipment that are exposed to changing weather conditions and the risk of entry of various contaminants. Circular M12 and M8 connectors meet the needs of harsh and remote environments for data transmission, and they are common industrial electronic connectors. These electronic connectors prevent the ingress of contaminants and withstand extreme temperature, shock and vibration, and pressure conditions while providing reliable signal transmission.

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  6. Hight Voltage Connector in EV: The Definitive Guide

    high voltage connector

    The development of new energy high-voltage connectors

    1. Electric Vehicle high-voltage connector classification

    With the development of electric vehicles today, more and more electric vehicles into our lives. Whether it's an add-on electric vehicle, hybrid electric vehicle,

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  7. Energy Storage Connector in Energy Storage System

    battery energy storage

    What is an Energy Storage System(ESS)?

    In recent years, the world has been vigorously developing wind power and photovoltaic power generation to replace the declining trend of fossil energy and to protect the environment; however, photovoltaic and wind power generation is limited by their instability (wind power can generate electricity when there is wind, but not when there is no wind. Photovoltaic has light to generate electricity, no light can not generate electricity), can not be a continuous and stable output power. Based on this, in wind and light power plants and household new energy generation systems, companies began to develop energy storage systems for storing electricity to ensure that it can be a stable output of electricity.

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