Automated Wire Handling Tools Make Your Work More Efficient


In modern society, wires are an essential element in our daily lives and work. However, the process of handling wires is often time-consuming, labor-intensive, and prone to quality issues. To address these challenges, we have introduced a range of wire tools, including the latest wire strippers, crimping pliers, and wire cutters. These tools are designed with ergonomic principles, making them easy to use and energy-saving. Most importantly, they feature hardened and durable jaws to ensure efficient and long-lasting performance.

Wire Strippers

Wire strippers are powerful tools for handling wire insulation. Their specially designed cutting edges make it easy to strip off the wire insulation, making wire connections or installations a breeze.


  • User-friendly: Wire strippers are simple to use, eliminating the tedious process of manual stripping with just a single step.
  • Time-saving: The efficient stripping design significantly improves work efficiency, making it especially suitable for handling large quantities of wires.
  • Versatility: Wire strippers are suitable for various wire and cable specifications, finding wide applications in electrical engineering, home renovations, and more.


  • Electrical Engineering: Used for wire maintenance, installation, and connections such as home circuits, sockets, and lighting fixtures.
  • Home Renovations: Convenient for DIY enthusiasts to strip wire insulation in applications like lighting fixtures and sockets.

In the Metabee tool series, you can discover a versatile tool called SW-D2, which not only strips wires but also performs crimping and cutting functions. With its larger multifunctional design and adjustable pressure and cutting depth compared to other wire tools, the SW-D2 ensures both connection quality and efficiency.


Crimpers are primarily used for crimping wire terminals or connectors. They feature an adjustable pressure regulator to ensure proper pressure during the crimping process.


  • Multifunctional Design: Crimping pliers can handle tasks such as crimping terminals, plugs, socket connections, providing versatility.
  • Precision and Adjustability: Adjustable pressure and cutting depth guarantee connection quality and efficiency.
  • Durability and Stability: Crimping pliers are made of high-quality alloy steel, wear-resistant, and corrosion-resistant, ensuring long-term use.


  • Electrical Manufacturing: Suitable for connecting terminals, plugs, sockets, and other electrical components.
  • Circuit Assembly: Provides efficient and precise connection methods, widely used in the electronics manufacturing industry.

Within crimpers, 2 common crimping modes exist: square crimping and hexagonal crimping. Each method has its unique features and advantages:

(1) Square Crimping

This method is more commonly used, with the crimping pliers featuring rectangular or square-shaped jaws. This design eliminates the need for complex adjustments or settings during the crimping process, ensuring even pressure distribution and preventing loose or failed connections.

It is applicable to various types of connectors and terminals, including pins, sockets, circular terminals, etc.

(2) Hexagonal Crimping

This relatively newer method employs hexagonal-shaped crimping jaws. This design provides a larger contact area, enhancing connection stability and reliability, and can withstand higher current and voltage.

It is suitable for high-pressure environments that demand high connection quality. However, this type of crimping usually requires more precise adjustments and settings to ensure even pressure and suitability for specific types of connectors.

Wire Cutters

Wire cutters are tools designed specifically for effortlessly cutting metal wires. They typically feature sharp and sturdy cutting blades to handle wires of various diameters.


  • Quick Cutting: The sharp cutting blades effortlessly cut through various metal wires.
  • Comfortable Grip: Designed with ergonomic principles, reducing hand pressure and providing a comfortable user experience.
  • Durability and Reliability: The cutting blades of wire cutters are made of high-quality materials, ensuring excellent wear resistance and lifespan.


  • Mechanical Manufacturing: Suitable for cutting metal wires, steel cables, and other common operations.
  • Home Renovations: Used for cutting wires in applications such as home circuits and lighting fixtures.


With the Metabee tools' user-friendly design, energy-saving features, ergonomic characteristics, and robust durability, you can handle wire-related tasks with ease, improving work efficiency, ensuring connection quality, and providing a convenient working experience. The latest wire strippers, crimpers, and wire cutters will become indispensable powerful assistants in your work.